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If you're searching for information about rug hooking; such as rug hooking how to, or rug hooking supplies and tools, then congratulations, you've found it! Especially if your looking for a gorgeous, solid-oak rug hooking frame.

What you'll find on this site:

RUG HOOKING HOW-TO: This section is loaded with detailed tutorials, created just for the beginner rug hooker. We start at the very beginning and lead you step-by-step through the process of creating your first hooked rug. Each article is loaded with a detailed explanation (with pictures) that you can print and use as a guide as you hook your first few rugs.

RUG HOOKING HISTORY AND HOOKING STYLES: You'll also find a short history of hooked rugs, as well as an explanation of the different styles of hooked rugs... from primitive... to abstract... to the amazingly realistic.

The "primitive" style is probably the best place to start... so our illustrated tutorials are based on this style.

RUG HOOKING PATTERNS: In this section you'll find a number of our own patterns. They're all available on paper, or on burlap. Or... if you choose, you can buy a kit for each... which includes the pattern on burlap, as well as enough stripped wool in the correct colors for that pattern.

RUG HOOKING KITS: We also sell 3 different kits, which contain EVERYTHING needed to finish your first project.
Each kits comes with a hook, a frame, the burlap, (on which is drawn the pattern)... plus the stripped wool in the right colors. Like I said, it's everything you need in order to do your first rug.

RUG HOOKING FRAMES: Over the years we've developed and continually refined the best solid-oak rug hooking frame available anywhere... for any price. You can order just the "sit on" frame, which allows you to sit upright in your favorite chair while creating your masterpieces. Or you can order our combo, which comes with both the sit-on as well as a floor stand. We have just recently started to offer our frames in beautiful Walnut.

RUG HOOKING SUPPLIES: When it comes to hooking rugs, we supply everything you need: Hooks, Frames, Monk's cloth, Burlap, the Fraser wool stripping cutter, & the binding to finish your hooked rug.